Ocean Park's Master Redevelopment Plan

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Ocean Square
Panoramic Viewing Panel, Grand Aquarium
Symbio Show
The Rapids, Rainforest
Hair Raiser, Thrill Mountain
Penguins, Polar Adventure
(Source: Ocean Park Corporation and Tourism Commission)
The $5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan of the Ocean Park Corporation, featuring over 70 attractions, was endorsed by the Chief Executive in Council in October 2005, and the funding arrangement was approved by the Legislative Council in December 2005. The redevelopment plan continues to emphasise the importance of community involvement and the park's role in supporting conservation and educational initiatives in Hong Kong.
The redevelopment plan has been completed in mid 2012. New attractions have been introduced in each phase. In 2009, the park unveiled the world' s first integrated indoor and outdoor multi-Asian-species exhibit "Amazing Asian Animals" and welcomed four rare red pandas from the Mainland. The "Ocean Express" connecting the Summit and the Waterfront was also opened in 2009. The Aqua City (featuring one of Asia's largest aquariums), Rainforest (with a man-made habitat of more than 70 tropical animals), and Thrill Mountain (with exciting new rides) were opened in 2011. The last new attraction featuring a theme of polar habitat, the Polar Adventure, was opened in July 2012.
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