Organisation Chart

Ms Vivian SUM, JP
Commissioner for Tourism
Ms Vivian SUM, JP
Miss Wendy CHUNG
Deputy Commissioner for Tourism
Ms Joanne CHU
Ms Trinky CHAN
Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (1)
Ms Trinky CHAN
To formulate policies on regulation of the tourism industry
To liaise with the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
To liaise with Mainland authorities on initiatives in tourism promotion and development
To develop tourism co-operation with Taiwan and Macao as well as other economies
To co-ordinate efforts to deal with emergency incidents concerning inbound and outbound tourism
To support the implementation of the new regulatory regime for the travel industry
To housekeep the Travel Industry Authority
To oversee the provision of secretariat support to the Appeal Panel (Travel Industry Ordinance)
Ms Elsa HUNG
Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (2)
Ms Elsa HUNG
To oversee the operation of Ocean Park and implementation of the future strategy for the Park
To plan new tourism projects
To oversee supply of hotels
To liaise with international and regional tourism organisations
To co-ordinate MICE tourism initiatives
To develop visitor facilitation measures
To serve as Secretary to the Tourism Strategy Committee
To monitor tourism performance
To handle emergency incidents involving hotels
To develop and promote smart tourism and serve as Secretary to the inter-departmental
Miss Maggie CHOW, JP
Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (3)
Miss Ruby LUK
To plan and co-ordinate provision of territory-wide tourism supporting facilities
To manage and maintain the light and sound show "A Symphony of Lights"
To facilitate the operation of the Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ngong Ping 360 and Peak Tramway
To steer and co-ordinate development and promotion of green, heritage and cultural tourism
To facilitate staging of tourism events and related activities in Hong Kong
To co-ordinate the implementation of "Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme"
To housekeep the Hong Kong Tourism Board
To promote service quality of the tourism industry
To oversee the general administration of the Tourism Commission
Mr Henry LAI
Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (4)
Mr Henry LAI
To oversee and co-ordinate the operation of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
To facilitate the development of cruise industry in Hong Kong, including co-ordinating the work of the Advisory Committee on Cruise Industry
To oversee the operation of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, including park expansion works
To plan the creative tourism project “Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK)
To plan tourism projects within the Northern Metropolis
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