Stanley Waterfront Improvement Project

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Blake Pier
Blake Pier
Blake Pier
Improved Stanley Waterfront
Improved Stanley Waterfront
Widened Stanley Main Street and new promenade
Enhanced Stanley Main Street
Enhanced open space outside Pat Kan Uk
Enhanced open space at Stanley Waterfront Mart
Enhanced open space at Shui Sin Temple
Murray House
Enhanced open space outside Murray House
Stanley is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Hong Kong. To enhance its attractiveness and to enrich the experience of both local and overseas visitors, we carried out improvement works for the Stanley waterfront . The works included construction of a new public pier covered with Old Blake Pier's roof outside Murray House, extension of Stanley Main Street and construction of a new promenade, repaving of footpaths and carriageways, improvement of street lighting and street furniture, beautification of the public area around Shui Sin Temple and more greening, etc. The project was completed in 2008.
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