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The Tourism Commission was established in May 1999 and is under the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau. It is headed by the Commissioner for Tourism who is tasked to map out Government's tourism development policy and strategy; to provide a focal point for liaison with the tourism industry and to enhance co-ordination in developing tourism.
To establish and promote Hong Kong as Asia's premier international city, a world-class destination for leisure and business visitors.
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Hong Kong’s tourism policies are set out in the Development Blueprint for Hong Kong’s Tourism Industry promulgated in 2017. The Blueprint has four development strategies that aim to:
Develop a diversified portfolio of visitor source markets for Hong Kong, with a focus on attracting high value-added overnight visitors;​
Nurture and develop tourism products and initiatives with local and international characteristics, including cultural tourism, heritage tourism, green tourism, and creative tourism; and to consolidate and enhance Hong Kong’s status as a travel destination for MICE tourism, regional cruise hub, and Events Capital of Asia;​
Develop smart tourism; and​
Upgrade the service quality of the tourism industry and encourage the trade in adopting good trade practices.
Relationship with Hong Kong Tourism Board
The Tourism Commission works closely with the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) (formerly known as Hong Kong Tourist Association) and other organisations to promote the development of tourism in Hong Kong.

The Tourism Commission is mainly responsible for formulating and co-ordinating implementation of policies, strategies and plans for tourism development. At the same time, it leads and coordinates the work of other Government bureaux and departments on policies and initiatives which have an impact on tourism development.

The primary responsibilities of the HKTB, a statutory body formed under the Hong Kong Tourism Board Ordinance, are to market and promote Hong Kong as a destination worldwide, and to take initiatives to enhance visitors' experience when they arrive. The HKTB regularly makes recommendations to the Government and other relevant bodies on the range and quality of visitor facilities.
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