A Symphony of Lights


Participating Buildings (Hong Kong Island)

Click here for participating buildings on Kowloon

[1. China Online Centre — LED screen only (Advertiser: China Life (Overseas))] [2. Sun Hung Kai Centre] [3. Central Plaza] [4. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre] [5. Immigration Tower — LED screen only (Advertiser: LG Hong Kong)] [6. Revenue Tower and LED screen (Advertiser: HNA Group)] [7. Hopewell Centre] [8. Harcourt House and LED screen (Advertiser: Samsung)] [9. China Evergrande Centre and LED screen (Advertiser: Samsung)] [10. Central Government Offices] [11. Queensway Government Offices] [12. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building] [13. Bank of America Tower] [14. AIA Central and LED screen ] [15. Bank of America Tower] [16. CCB Tower and LED screen] [17. Cheung Kong Center] [18. HSBC Main Building and X-wall] [19. Standard Chartered Bank Building] [20. Jardine House] [21. One Exchange Square] [22. Two Exchange Square] [23. Two International Finance Centre] [24. One International Finance Centre]

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