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Food Truck Pilot Scheme

Food Truck Pilot Scheme
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Food truck is a new initiative announced by the Financial Secretary in the 2015-16 Budget. The Tourism Commission under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Food Truck Pilot Scheme and related matters.

The Pilot Scheme

The Food Truck Pilot Scheme is a tourism initiative which aims to enhance the appeal of our tourist attractions and provide diverse, creative and high quality food offers to tourists and the public, as well as showcasing the good standard of food hygiene and safety in Hong Kong. We hope that the Scheme will bring more specialty gourmet food to Hong Kong. It is intended to complement the existing food landscape, rather than to drive consumers away from existing restaurants.

Under the Scheme, food trucks will be operating in eight designated tourist attractions, namely: Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, Central Harbourfront Event Space, Ocean Park (area outside the theme park), Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui Art Square, Energizing Kowloon East Venue 1, Wong Tai Sin Square and Hong Kong Disneyland (area outside the theme park). Each tourist attraction will provide two parking spaces for operation of a total of 16 food trucks on a rotation basis at these locations. The Tourism Commission will also line up food trucks to provide services at designated large scale tourism events to enhance the attractiveness of the events.

A two-stage selection mechanism was conducted to select 16 suitable operators. The first stage was the assessment of the food truck proposals from applicants. Assessment criteria include the food concept and menu, business and financial proposal and design of the vehicle etc. The second stage was a cook-off challenge at which the applicants will demonstrate their proposed signature dish. The assessment was carried out by a selection panel established by the Government comprising representatives from the relevant government departments and food truck operation venues, food experts, members of tourist industry and financial experts etc.

Application or the Pilot Scheme started from 31 March and ended on 30 May 2016. A total of 192 applications were received, of which 51 have been shortlisted to participate in the Cook-off Challenge on 26 July and the results have been announced on 27 July 2016. Please refer to the press release for details.

The Pilot Scheme was launched on 2 Feb 2017 and will last for 2 years. There will be a review on the Scheme to evaluate its outcome.